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What we do…

Market Leading Innovation

Helping you identify white spaces in your market, providing a clear return on investment and long-term sustainable competitive advantage

Product & Service Design

Providing novel product and service design from concept and origination through, feasibility, design and market launch


Proven Capability

For over three decades we have successfully designed market leading products and services to meet technologybased aspirations

How we do it…


We use proven agile development methodologies that minimise the time to identify white spaces in your market that will transform your business.


Combining creativity and scienceled market research with robust feasibility analysis, we establish the state of the art and identify the art of the possible for your new product or service, minimising risk and providing greater budget and timescale confidence.


Proving your product or service with minimum viable product design and delivery to full product market launch is our forte.


We support you in the ongoing evolution of your product or service iterating to ensure you maintain competitive advantage.

Our business model…

In addition to traditional consultancy, a shared risk, shared success business model, with clients treating us as integral partners in the future of their business, assures benefit to all parties.

Working on a combination of minimal fees and future success business models that align with your strategies, we provide an everready, ondemand capability – working as an ex- tension of your own team with all parties rewarded for successful delivery and the maintenance of competitive advantage.


Intellectual Property and Patents

We know how important IP is to all businesses not just startups.

All intellectual property for our designs, concepts, origination and delivery of novel products and services as well as any input into patent submissions is assigned to you from the start unless otherwise agreed in advance.


Are you a startup looking to get your idea to market fast?

We can help. With a proven track record of turning the creative ambitions of startups into reality. We can also help you develop business value, raise funding and produce credible exit plans.

Ask about our pro bono service…

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