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A fully integrated microservices platform addressing the critically complex problem of finding, analysing and enriching data distributed across the enterprise, and beyond, in disparate cloud platforms and legacy systems.

Unlike current solutions that require deployment of numerous individual vendor products that are inflexible in a changing world, with a high cost of ownership, DocSwarm future proofs the Enterprise. 


The new world order places increasing demands on CISO’s in areas of Compliance and Security with high penalties for non-compliance e.g. up to 4% of annual revenue under GDPR and PCI DSS. Knowing where your data resides and being able to remediate quickly and easily is a must have.


Because the enterprise, regulations and the threat landscape are constantly changing solutions need to be future proofed.

Cost Savings

And in the real world, cost is a major consideration, and is why the current disaggregated sum-of-parts-from-disparate-vendors solution and the ever-increasing enterprise stack is unsustainable.  

The Problem

  • Unstructured data represents an estimated 80%+ of all new enterprise data and it’s growing three times faster than structured data.
  • Organisations collect massive amounts of unstructured data – far more than human analysts and curators can handle.
  • A rapidly accelerating CISO problem – increasing demands to ensure data access security, compliance verification, GDPR protection, ESG accountability etc. across a vast universe of disparate data repositories.
  • CISOs currently seek solutions from a multitude of vendors creating an ever-increasing technology stack and attack surface with duplicate data stores.
  • Many solutions just find the data with no remediation option – exacerbating compliance risks.


A truly novel, next generation, flexible solution for connecting, enriching/enhancing, analysing and visualising enterprise data within one repository with unlimited use cases – whatever your data needs, we’ve got it. 

DocSwarm microservice architecture has four highly flexible, interchangeable and extensible components:


DocSwarm can connect to any structured or unstructured enterprise data repository and has push and pull capability meaning we can push notifications and updates to end users in the platform they are using.


DocSwarm plugin capability offers access to thousands of AI, ML and NLP algorithms.  Whatever your need, we’ve got it – from sentiment analysis, translation, behavioural analysis, data discovery, classification, redaction.

Share and Analyze

DocSwarm’s flexibility means we utilise existing enterprise tools to store and analyse data e.g. Elastic Search, SQL Azure etc. giving you the power over your data – no more duplicate repositories for each vendor.


DocSwarm can visualise data at the touch of a button in any visualisation system e.g. Kibana, Power BI, Tableau etc. for dynamic, instant reporting.  No more waiting for vendors to wireframe new reports, it takes just six seconds to design your own.

DocSwarm for Confluence

DocSwarm for Confluence is just one example of how DocSwarm microservices can add value to your enterprise – with all the functionality to solve the escalating problem of what data do we have, where is it, who has access to it, is it secured and verified, if held in error then action, redact or correct it – wherever it is.  Connecting DocSwarm to your Confluence instance is quick and easy.

Interested in a Free Proof of Value, contact us.  Happy to help!

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